About AnaJet

Monetizing Mass Personalization

The apparel printing industry is estimated to be worth $6.9 billion in production in the United States alone. Suppliers and end users everywhere are becoming more proficient in using digital technology to accelerate and personalize both their work and private lives every day. They carry these expectations with them when they shop for apparel printing. AnaJet enables companies to fulfill these expectations. Success in apparel printing requires the right plan, the right equipment, and the right partner.

Production Capabilities

Refined Production Capabilities

AnaJet mPower i¬-series printers are the fastest single-platen printers on the market. They produce the highest quality images on many types of garments, especially 100% cotton and high cotton blend t-shirts. Combined with AnaJet’s proprietary RIP software and available user-friendly design software, the mPower is an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain industrial garment printer.

Apparel Printing Success

We understand how hard it is to conceive an excellent idea and make it happen. As the first manufacturer to mass-produce direct to garment printers in the United States, AnaJet continues to pour intensive effort and cost into building up its capabilities and streamlining the path from idea to full-scale production and fulfillment. All of our printers are designed, assembled, tested, shipped and supported from our headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.

The Company

Founded in 2006, AnaJet was one of the first companies in the world to mass-produce digital garment printers. Today AnaJet is producing its third series of direct to garment printers, the mPower i-series. The company places enormous emphasis on quality testing with dedicated staff and testing facilities both at its headquarters and off-site labs. Not only does AnaJet build, ship and support all USA-owned printers directly from the factory, but it is also the only manufacturer that fully charges and tests every new and refurbished printer with ink prior to shipment.