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    "We chose the mPower beacause we felt it was the best printer for our needs. We hit our ROI in less than 90 days, so we quickly purchased our second mPower. As our business continues to grow, we expect to add more AnaJet printers to our production."

  • International Quiksigns

    John and Tracy Callahan operate International Quiksigns in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Business was good for the Callahans, but they wanted to add an additional revenue stream, so they purchased an AnaJet mPower i-series. Without even trying to market it, digital apparel became their #4 product category. John expects printed garment sales to jump to 20-25% of his revenue next year. 

  • SignWorx

    Mike from SignWorx in Raleigh, North Carolina sent in a video testimonial for why they went with the AnaJet mP5i. SignWorx is a one-stop shop for their customers' needs. Whether they need a sign printed or a t-shirt designed, Mike and the boys do it all. SignWorx does an epic job promoting local businesses, pet rescues, and generally people who can't afford to go to Screen Printers for their t-shirt printing needs.

    Mike and SignWorx are also known for their Zipper Hoodie printing video which you can find here.


    q3 ink Nick Qualle of sent in his video testimonial about his company's mPower i-series mP5. Q3 Ink bought their mPower six months ago and 500+ printed shirts later, they have nothing but praise for AnaJet, the products, and the business model they thrive on.

  • Landau's of Princeton

    Princeton LandauWhat's the total gross sales from the one AnaJet printer? Says Henry Landau of Landau's of Princeton, New Jersey: "We've documented over $250,000 of sales. It took us approximately five months to achieve ROI. We feel so strongly about this machine that we say, "It prints money." They attribute their runaway success to one overwhelming differentiator.

  • IHS Printing

    Jason BryanJason Bryan operates IHS Printing out of his shop in Fountain Valley, California. Six months after opening as a screen printing shop, Bryan purchased an AnaJet direct to garment printer, and six months later his direct to garment line of business was so strong that he sold all his screen printing equipment. 

  • Unique Embroidery & Printing

    Unique EmbroideryGreg from Unique Embroidery and Printing in Lansing, Michigan sent in his video testimonial, praising the mPower i-series. Greg had a competitor's printer before he purchase an mPower and now he is beyond excited about his upgrade to AnaJet. You hear how impressed Greg is with the AnaRIP software and much more.

  • Service Surplus & Crafts

    service surplus and craftCynthia Eisele of Service Surplus & Crafts sent in her video testimonial which explained how her business grew from a simple embroidery machine all the way to an mPower i-series. There was a lot of research that went in to Cynthia's decision, but she was so impressed by AnaJet's white ink technology, she took the plunge and has never been happier. Aside from growing her business tremendously, Cynthia also loves how fun this machine is.

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  • Sue Asplin and Gene Wodzicki

  • Andy Buchholz

  • Ty Darien

  • Soul Project

  • KatzPajamas

  • Colin Shane

  • Overdrive Media

  • Eddie Cardenas

  • Apparition Studios