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AJU Live

Over 2,000 AnaJet customers have attended AJU Live in person at AnaJet’s world headquarters in Tustin, California. This full day of hands-on training is highly recommended for all new AnaJet owners in the United States.

AnaJet’s trained technicians will guide you as you learn how to RIP graphics, print, pretreat, and do routine maintenance. You’ll get to perform all of these functions yourself using an actual AnaJet printer – with the added benefit of AnaJet covering the cost of all consumables you’ll use while learning how to operate a printer model identical to your own.

To schedule your company for AJU Live, contact your regional manager, email or call 714-662-3200 and speak with our receptionist.

Frequently Asked Questions about AJU Live
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AJU Online

In our constant effort to share knowledge and help our mPower customers maximize their investment, AnaJet has launched an online video reference tool: AnaJet University Online.*


 View AnaJet University Online here. 


We invite everyone and anyone to view this presentation. AJU Online covers in the space of about two hours essentially the same material that new AnaJet mPower owners cover in our on-site all day AJU Live training. We strongly encourage all new AnaJet owners to attend AJU Live, as there is no substitute for hands-on learning with a trained technician guiding you in person. But AJU Online is an excellent supplement and reference tool that you can use at home whenever you need it.

*AJU Online is not available for SPRINT training. Please contact us directly for any questions.

Here at AnaJet, our sole focus is direct to garment printing. We invest a considerable amount of resources into making sure that we are experts and leaders of direct to garment technology. And because we know that our success depends on the success of our customers, we put much pride into sharing our knowledge on the technology and industry with our customers.


Education is a core part of our company mission, so we created AnaJet University Presents. This is a continually-growing archive of educational webinars, classroom presentations, articles, tutorials and tips and tricks.


Browse through our collection of resources below to download articles or view webinars on demand.