The Garment
Decoration Industry

And other industries that use DTG technology

A Growing Industry

The apparel printing industry is estimated to be worth $6.9 billion in production in the United States alone. Suppliers and end users everywhere are becoming more proficient in using digital technology to accelerate and personalize both their work and private lives every day. They carry these expectations with them when they shop for apparel printing.


AnaJet enables companies to fulfill these expectations. Success in apparel printing requires the right plan, the right equipment, and the right partner.


Why Direct to Garment?

With the explosion of digital art and the rise of the digital consumer, the demand for custom apparel is growing exponentially. Screen printing and other traditional garment decoration technologies cannot deliver full color digital impressions with high fidelity to the source image. Some digital methods enable printing on synthetic substrates but not cotton and other natural fibers.


Only direct to garment can provide full-color digital impressions, on demand, on the most common substrates used for garments, with the smooth hand that consumers have come to appreciate.


When decorators, printers and other business owners evaluate potential lines of business and the enabling technologies, direct to garment is a compelling choice to add because there is a huge unmet demand for the technique.

Direct to garment technology is relatively inexpensive to implement, becoming easier to use and more reliable with each successive generation, and offers a predictable, high profit margin when executed correctly.


The rise of digital apparel printing is very similar to that of business computing. Forty years ago, if you wanted to build a spreadsheet, execute a financial transaction or generate an electronic communication, you had to go to a university, a library or an office of a branch of the government. Programming was a rare skill and the equipment was extremely costly. The process was agonizingly slow (even by contemporary standards) and crashes were frequent. Only the largest monolithic businesses and institutions could afford to create and maintain computer hardware and networks. Fast-forward to today, business computing is very affordable, highly available, and sophisticated accounting and forecasting software is accessible to even the smallest one-person businesses.

With purpose-built direct to garment printers, similar principles apply. Virtually anyone can learn to operate and maintain one. Home-based businesses and large enterprises alike are adopting the most durable DTG equipment for fast, cost-effective garment decoration. The definition of “network” has even expanded to include business partners, social circles and even end users, students, and customers.

Direct to garment printing is a viable option for launching or expanding nearly any business, launching and supporting a brand, slashing costs and discovering new product line possibilities.


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