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PRINT Laguna Demonstrates mPower mP10 for Custom Shirts

Mar 19, 2012

We received a FB message from Don Meek, co-owner of PRINT, a company in Laguna Beach (web siteFacebook site) devoted to custom garments.

They cut their own “15-second” demo video and we were pleasantly surprised to see it! Don went through mPower training recently and finally received the new printer. They really went to town (literally) picking up large orders, immediately. Visit our Facebook site to view the demo, it’s featured: Or keep reading…

PRINT is a new mPower mP10 customer. Don reports that he began fulfilling orders immediately upon taking delivery.

“The day we picked up the machine, we started printing our first job. That was a Tuesday. By Friday, the goods were already on sale at a retail shop. We were referred this job from a screen printer because it was a photo reprodoction of only 36 shirts. There was no way the screen printer could faithfully reproduce the image. The next job was also a referral from a screen printer, the customer wasn’t happy with 4-color. We did 24 pieces for him, and he is already a repeat customer. Again, the screen printer was not able to replicate the type of art he wanted.

“We just fulfilled an order of several hundred shirts for the Surfrider Foundation (see photo) that they are using for a membership drive. This job was literally a piece of art reproduced on a shirt which had been declined by several screen printers. If you’re going to do a one-color hit and run 500 pieces, screen printing is still going to be the best bet. However, for doing the type of business we want to do, which has to do with art and artistic graphic design, short runs, high-fidelity to original art and photos, direct to garment is the best bet.

“What AnaJet has created is a far superior solution. We’ve gotten so many inquiries that we’ve publuished a rate card and we’ve stated a 10-day lead time so that we can begin to build a production schedule. In the coming months, we’re going to be inundated. I’ve been showing it to retailers, clubs and school groups. Graduation t-shirts are coming in April. Now managing demand and staffing are my number one issues.

“This has happened largely by accident. We actually bought the machine for the SOUL project (Facebook site here) – a project of mine focused on making local art and artists highly accessible to a larger consumer market, while supporting charitable causes. Now we’ve brought products to market – literally art pieces reproduced on garments – that we thought would never be possible. It took me 15 seconds to print one graphic that we never thought we’d be able to print. (see the video, posted March 19)

“Our little tribe of people includes a former design director from Quiksilver and several people who have been in the apparel industry for as long as 30 years. To a person, they say, “This is a game changer.” We perceive an infinite amount of business out there and this technology enables that. And a rising tide lifts all boats. DTG is going to be a preferred method for getting things done.

“We have a front-print package with various shirt models and a dark color surcharge to take into account pre-treatment and the white ink pass.”

Again, we sincerely appreciate the feedback and look forward to working with Don and Summer and the rest of the team. — Joe