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Color Image Designs Takes AnaJet mPower on the Road

Aug 20, 2012

Susan Asplin of Color Image Designs (CID) & Gene Wodzicki of Road Warrior Graphix (RWG) have merged together to bring a whole new meaning to “mobile design shop”. The mobile business consists of an AnaJet mPower mP10 for making shirts and and a Roland VersaCamm for making signs. Susan and Gene tour events to sell signage and custom printed t-shirts. CID has also launched an online design studio, powered by InkSoft.

Why invest in direct to garment? Susan says, “I’ve never considered screen printing because I wanted to get ahead of the competition with the latest technology and offer what no other company could offer.” She spent six months researching different DTG printers on the market. “My greatest challenge was stepping away from the corporate world and becoming my own boss,“ she says.

“After months of research, and speaking with several companies, I felt the new mPower was the best solution, hands down. I knew there might be challenges with ramping up on a new technology but I knew that I would get a jump on the competition. The quality of the prints and graphics give you customers that will return for life.”

Susan, Gene and Heather wrote to AnaJet several months ago to relate their extremely positive experience with AnaJet University.

How does the business operate today? Heather Valen, co-owner of CID, handles the business accounts & online orders from their office in Lutz, FL. Susan and her partner Gene take the second mP10 on the road. In the mobile design shop, they can travel to events and print either shirts or signs. This gives them the advantage of a one-stop shop, enabling CID to sell shirts to the public, make signs for businesses, and entice other vendors to use their services as they travel. (You can see a Viper One pre-treatment machine and a Roland VersaCamm in the setup photos.)

Never seeing herself as a salesperson, she says, “Thanks to the prints from an mPower, the product sells itself. Our goal is to expand and purchase many more mPowers.”