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Color Image Designs Stops by AnaJet on the Way to the Fair

Sep 13, 2012

Susan and Gene came all the way across the country in their awesome rig to exhibit their products at a series of fairs, including the Los Angeles County Fair, on August 30. We begged them to show us the interior of the trailer so we could see how they operate. They really produce all types of imaging products and their truck and trailer wraps really say it all.

You may remember Susan and Gene from our first case study about them. What continues to astonish us is that Susan made the leap to mPower digital shirt printing and partnering with a commercial sign veteran on such a substantial enterprise, without having a track record in screen printing or other garment dec. She kept referring to the printer as her “little moneymaker” and the last photo is one she sent us, clearly happy with the results.

While they were stopped and having Tim Bellante, our training director, take a look under the hood of the mPower, a random person walking by asked to purchase some custom shirts. Our president and national sales manager were standing nearby and were a little stunned by this.

I especially like their messaging: If You Can Imagine It, We Can Print It. Sums it up about right.