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Overdrive Media & Printing Adds Direct to Garment

May 13, 2013

Overdrive Media & Printing Services started as a Media company/Ad Agency, then moved to a bigger building and opened a print shop showroom for the public. Owner Doug Bennett came from a printscreen background and in January 2011 stumbled upon AnaJet at a trade show in Long Beach, where he was going to look into a competitor’s DTG printer.  After finding that their only reasonably priced offering could not print to dark shirts, he looked to AnaJet for a solution and we delivered the SPRINT.

“When I ran into Karl (Tipre) who was showing what the SPRINT could do, I knew then and there that every print shop should have one of these,” Doug said of the trade show exhibition.

“The thing that really sold me on AnaJet printers was the size. Compared to other major pieces of equipment you find in the garment decorating business, the printers from AnaJet took up no space.”

After purchasing his AnaJet SPRINT, Doug came out to Costa Mesa, California for training at AnaJet University. “The amount of information covered is more than enough to get you started.”

He went on to talk about how accessible the Tech Support team at AnaJet is. “The lifetime tech support offered from AnaJet is a great feature.” Doug explained that as long as you keep up with basic maintenance, you can keep printing non-stop, 7 days-a-week.

The SPRINT brought a new pipeline of daily orders to Overdrive.  Doug and his team were only limited by the speed at which they could print the shirts. So when AnaJet launched the mPower in August of 2011, Overdrive Media & Printing Services planned to upgrade to the new printer which promised “industrial strength” and the “fastest print speeds”.  Literally, Doug took his business to “overdrive!”.

Today, Doug and Overdrive are more than happy with their purchases of AnaJet direct to garment printers. The product offerings have brought in so many new customers that he can’t get them all! If you find yourself in Flagstaff, Arizona on Route 66, stop by and say hi to Doug and his team at Overdrive Media & Printing Services

For more information on Overdrive Media & Printing Services, check their website by clicking here.  You can also find Overdrive Media & Printing Services on Facebook.

If you want to see why Doug went with the mPower, check out the mPower Product Page.