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Ty Darien of Makin It Reign in Las Vegas, NV writes in to tell us his DTG story

Jan 09, 2014

What makes Ty Darien and his skilled staff at Makin It Reign in Las Vegas, NV shine so brightly in the DTG garment industry? Their philosophy is simple: “We want everything we do, every product we create, to benefit those who use them; we in turn share through acts of kindness with those less fortunate.” The company’s website states, “We donate a generous portion of our proceeds to charity with every purchase made.”

Their generosity doesn’t stop there: for those who are wondering just what exactly is involved in starting a direct to garment business, Ty is sharing his experiences of operating the mPower mP5  printer he purchased in January 2013 with other businesses who may be just starting out.

Explaining the switch from a conventional screen print business to direct to garment, Ty says, “Our business specialized in silk screening since 2009. It’s limitations of colors and the time consumption for small runs was just not practical.” While exploring the internet, Ty and Marianne, his wife and business partner, a highly skilled and educated graphic artist, found out about DTG technology as an innovative option to garment printing.

"We did a lot of research before we chose AnaJet to be our number one choice with product, durability, price, clarity and speed," says Ty. They contacted Brett Callahan, Regional Manager of AnaJet, who was very helpful to them throughout the purchasing process. Soon their mP5 was delivered to their door in Las Vegas.

In order to learn the best practices of operating the mP5, Ty and Marianne attended AnaJet University at AnaJet headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. When asked what they thought of the training they received, Ty replied, "They teach you very important everyday cleaning tips, tricks and things that will save you a lot of headaches down the line."

Now, with a year of run time under their belts they have learned much more regarding the printer. Sage advice he has for new owners of the mP5:  “The MP5 is a workhorse. It needs to run, and the more you run it, the better it works. We learned this as more business came.  When the printer was not printing daily, we had the most issues with head cleans and air gaps. When the printer is used daily we found out that head cleans were rarely necessary to do at the beginning of a work day. We have had many 100% nozzle checks starting out our day. I think the most important thing is the humidity. Printing needs to be done in an enclosed room and the higher the humidity the better. We found out that 60% and higher is optimum. To sum it all up, the mP5 is a phenomenal DTG printer. Your ability to create innovative designs and effort are your only limitations to your success with it.”

Business has been increasing by almost 100% every month since they started printing with the mP5. Marianne loves the fact that since switching to the DTG printer the world is a canvas at her fingertips, and her ability to create new designs and colors is over the top. “We are excited about our new move from our home based business to our first commercial building to accommodate our rapid expansion and are proud to announce, that in addition to our original website, we have launched our newest site, The name implies that together, we can design and print anything we think of, just as if we were gods of the apparel world.”

White ink prints easily with the mP5 printer.

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