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Custom T-shirts for Special Olympics athletes

Jun 30, 2014

We've written about Henry Landau, owner and operator of Landau's of Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey, and all the great work he does with his AnaJet printer to help his community on our blog several times before. Last week Henry wrote into AnaJet to tell us about the shirts he printed for athletes in the 2014 Special Olympics in Princeton on June 14-21.  There were over 3,000 athletes, plus trainers, coaches, families and friends all in attendance.

Henry and his son Robert put the word out to participants and spectators of the event, letting the public know that he could print custom shirts with pictures from any digital source. Over the course of the week, they received more and more orders each day, ending the week with 30 to 75 minute wait times and 150 printed and sold shirts in one day. How did they get the word out? It started with 2 families on Monday afternoon...

Henry writes: "Sunday 2 shirts, Monday 14 shirts, Tuesday 35 shirts, Wednesday 48 shirts and Thursday [we] ended the day printing over 150 shirts. Spark made it possible, as we came up with a template to change names and drop in new pictures. Without this we could not have accomplished what we did."  

"The T-shirts brought tremndous Pride and Joy to the parents, huge smiles to the athletes. and a warm feeling of accomplishment for our staff," Robert Landau said.

The Landau's of Princeton Co-Owner and President went on, "the Special Olympics event was just the latest in a series of AnaJet custom successes.  After 4 years of increasing our volume (our first generation SPRINT paid for itself in under 5 months) to our second generation mP5i.  This machine has increased our quality and profitability while offering a while new range of profit possibilities."

Spark is one of AnaJet's newer products - a design and order interface suite that makes editing digital graphics on-the-fly quick and easy. You can learn more about Spark for AnaJet here

Henry also sent in a couple of photos with his email note to AnaJet. "The smiles on the parents faces was priceless, I am attaching a couple of pictures of the shirts," wrote Henry.