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AnaJet Printers Chosen by PlayPeli to Print Shirts

May 07, 2015

PLAYPELI in Shanghai, who specializes in designing, producing, and marketing a variety of products inspired by key animation and mobile game brands such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Bongo Banana, Teddys And Bears, among other popular characters, has selected AnaJet as its Direct to Garment printer for its projects. 

Angry Birds Choosing AnaJetAfter carefully reviewing several other direct to garment manufacturers, the executives at PlayPeli have selected the mPower series among other considered printers.  “Before using Anajet printer, I always thought Epson F2080 was the most cost-effective direct-to-garment printer. But I learned much better experience when starting using the Anajet mPower printers,” states Phyrex Ni, Business Development Director of PlayPeli.   The selection of the mP10i and mP5i were granted due to the reliability of the printing during PlayPeli’s testing period.  The product education implemented by the AnaJet team and our distributor in China, Asia Link, has also aided in the selection process for Playpeli’s decision.  “Can you imagine just need a phone call, AnaJet professional technicians will show up in my office to help us in less than 2 hours?” Phyrex Ni explains the difference between AnaJet and it’s competitors “…you need to pay additional charges every month to replace the cleaning device, which is totally not necessary on Anajet printer. Thanks to Anajet advanced technology, this is a big cost-saving for us every month.”

Working together in a long term commitment,

Technical support

and Customer Service have been established since the beginning of the professional relationship between AnaJet,

Asia Link

and Playpeli.  Phyrex Ni points out “Not to mention the Anajet technical expert, John’s visit to our site, with detail guidance and patient answers, which is a great experience sharing and knowledge, enhance to our operators. And of course Josep’s full support makes us feel more confident to fight in the China big market. Thank you Anajet! Thank you John, Josep Domingot, (AnaJet's Vice President of Global Business Development) and Asia Link!”


“在没有使用Anajet前,我一直认为Epson F2080是性价比最高的服装喷印机,但当我开始尝试使用Anajet以后我才知道,你能想象到只需要一个电话,不到2个小时,专业的维修人员就会出现在我的工作室,而Epson更多的时候他们都不会出现,只是通过电话大概告诉我原因;另外你需要知道相对于每个月都要额外付费更换清洗装置的Epson,在Anajet完全不需要,每个月节省了不小的开支,更不要说John的亲身光临,详细的指导和问题的处理让我们的操作员受益匪浅,而Josep的大力支持更是我们有信心在中国“开战”的保证,感谢Anajet和他们中国的总代理Asialink,感谢John和Josep!”

The team at AnaJet is excited about this opportunity to work with such a popular brands and look forward to all the future ventures it offers.

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