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AnaJet - July Newsletter 2014


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July NEWSLETTER - 2014
July Newsletter
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Custom T-Shirts for Special Olympic Athletes
First DTG Printer in Alaska Featured in Local Newspaper
Tips and Tricks: Pre-Treatment Tutorial
Where to Start with DTG? AnaJet Tries to Explain
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Happy Independence Day, AnaJetters! With July in full swing, we have a lot of new announcements to share with you. A great customer of ours wrote in to share his printing experience at the Special Olympics in New Jersey last month. And the very first company to offer digital printing in the state of Alaska, an AnaJet customer, was recently featured in his local newspaper which we linked for you to read. We also have a new printer maintenance video for AnaJet owners to check out, along with the announcement of four new international distributors.

Custom T-Shirts for Special Olympic Athletes

Special OlympicsHenry Landau, owner of Landau's of Princeton in New Jersey, wrote in to AnaJet to tell us about the shirts he printed for athletes in the 2014 Special Olympics in Princeton on June 14-21. There were over 3,000 athletes, plus trainers, coaches, families and friends all in attendance.

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First DTG Printer In Alaska Featured in Local Newspaper

GoslingDirect to garment printers are making headlines! An AnaJet customer in Alaska was featured in the business section of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner last Saturday. Jeff Bushke was the first person in Alaska to offer direct to garment printing services. He has operated Alaska Garments & Graphics out of his home since 2010. Garment decoration is a part-time job for Jeff, who is semi-retired, allowing him enough time to enjoy hunting and the outdoors.

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Tips and Tricks: Pre-Treatment Tutorial

Damin PrintingWelcome to the first edition of Tips and Tricks with Edsel and Deana! In this brief (3:45) tutorial video, you'll learn how to properly pretreat dark garments. Edsel and Deana will review:
~ Required pretreatment tools and supplies
~ Ideal pretreatment environment
~ How to mix pretreatment solution
~ How to apply pretreatment solution to a garment
~ How to squeegee excess solution off a freshly pretreated garment
~ How to dry pretreated garments after application

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Upcoming AnaJet Webinars

webinarAttend one of our product webinars to learn more about AnaJet Direct to Garment Printers and how to make money with digital garment printing.

• Learn About the mPower i-series DTG Printer – July 9th 10:00AM PST

Where to Start with DTG? AnaJet Tries to Explain

Succeed with the mPowerDefined as a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology, Direct to Garment Printing, or “DTG” as we say in the industry, is fairly new technology that has opened up a world of possibilities in a variety of industries. At, we do our best to give you our definition of Direct to Garment printing while laying out just how diverse and beneficial the technology can be for any given business.

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Printer Maintenance - Flush Your Print Lines

Flush Print LinesJust like a car, there is a certain amount of regular maintenance that you need to keep up with when you purchase a direct to garment printer. Thankfully with AnaJet printers, we keep that maintenance to a minimum. One of the regular maintenance jobs you need to keep up with is the flushing of the print lines. Think of it as an oil change for your digital garment printer. This is a very simple process that you should learn and become familiar with as an owner. It doesn’t take too long either!

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AnaJet Announces Four New International Distributors

International DistributorsAnaJet printers are distributed and supported internationally by our large network of Authorized AnaJet Distributors. We are pleased to announce the addition of four new distributors to our network. The new distributors are located in the following countries: Australia, Singapore, Guatemala and Mexico.

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AnaJet E-Store Promotions

ACUP PhoenixIf you're an AnaJet Customer, make sure to keep tabs on your email and check the AnaJet E-Store for the latest promotions and specials that we have set up for our AnaJet Family. For example, we closed the month of June with a special Pre-Treatment discount, as well as free shipping!

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