Purchase Accessories

AnaJet offers high quality accessories to support your various applications. Most accessories can be purchased online from AnaJet’s e-store.

Youth, Sleeve, and Hat Platens

Print long sleeves, smaller sized youth garments and hats more efficiently.

The youth print table and sleeve print table are interchangeable with the standard print table that comes with all mPower printers, so you can easily switch between tables.

The hat platen is our newest accessory that makes printing on “trucker” hats a breeze. It is specifically designed to contour the shape of a hat into a printable flat surface.

  • youthTable
  • hatTable
  • sleeveTable

Pretreatment Sprayer

When pretreating dark shirts in preparation for printing, nothing beats the convenience of an electric power sprayer. The Wagner HPLV (High Pressure, Low Volume) Pretreatment Sprayer makes pretreating shirts a quick and efficient process.

Heat Presses

Digitally printed shirts need to be heat cured in order to permanently adhere the ink to the garment. A heat press or conventional oven dryer will work.

We use the Geo Knight DK20A internally and at US trade shows. This press fits the size of the largest mPower prints and has a built in automatic release, so that you don’t scald your shirts. Geos are extremely durable and tough.

We use the Vesta VP3804D internally. Like the Geo Knight, this press is 20” deep and has an auto release, but the added drawer feature facilitates easier loading and unloading of shirts. Vestas are a good value for a first-time garment decorator business.