AnaRIP Software


Image processing software for the AnaJet mPower digital apparel printer


Designed exclusively for the mPower, AnaRIP is easy-to-use and fast. With high-fidelity WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), AnaRIP delivers excellent quality and color on default settings.


AnaRIP was designed around making projects easier for the novice operator. Using default settings, drag and drop any type of image into the work area. Position the graphic manually or tell the program to snap it to the center. Resize it manually or enter in a scale percentage. Press print. It’s that simple.


All images require processing before a printer can output them. AnaRIP processes images in seconds – so you don’t have to slow down production to RIP a file.


What you see is what you get. Spending a lot of time editing an image for optimal print results can be frustrating and expensive. AnaRIP delivers excellent quality and color on default settings.

Selecting and Tuning Color Graphics

AnaRIP gives operators total control over ink volume and saturation. Using multiple ink drop sizes and quality controls, you can precisely place the right amount of ink onto the garment or other print surfaces.

On-the-fly editing capability allows you to adjust the brightness, color, contrast and saturation. See how your final image will look on the garment with real-time previewing and WYSIWYG print output. Automatic background and color removal tools let you create transparent areas of the graphic, which result in added depth and reduced ink costs on dark garments.


Up to three preview screens show a color layer, white ink underbase and AnaRIP’s exclusive combined view. The combined TrueView™ actually previews the effect of your white underbase settings as they will affect the color layer. TrueView is the only true-to-output preview feature in the digital apparel market.

White Ink Underbase – Content or Non-Content

White ink is typically one of the most expensive elements of printing onto a dark garment. It also has an effect on the graphic brilliance and the “hand,” or feel of the shirt, after printing. AnaRIP allows you to choose two models for white ink underbase: content-based or non-content-based.

The default content-based mode prints white ink on a gradient that corresponds to your image. Non-content-based mode simply lays down a solid block of white ink that matches the silhouette of your entire graphic. Save ink and produce a broader range of color and brightness by using content-based mode and adjusting the CMYK/RGB slider bars.

Graphics with a transparent or soft edge can be adjusted using the Opacity Contrast slider to blend into the garment. The white ink underbase also allows you to set a Choke value from one to ten, which will compensate for white ink swelling and give you perfect registration.

Calculate Ink Cost for More Accurate Pricing

AnaRIP has a built-in Ink Cost Calculator to help you estimate cost and price your prints with confidence. After ripping an image, simply view the finished jobs in your print queue to preview the estimated ink cost based on your project settings. Turn content-based mode on and off to see the difference for a particular print.