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mPower updates
AnaJet has released the new AnaRIP 4.0 which now supports both MP5 and MP10 in one program. It can be found in our
Program Downloads page.

mPower training videos!
AnaJet has also released five new mPower training videos for new mPower customers. These training videos are designed to complement AnaJet University Training only; all customers are still strongly encouraged to attend hands-on training at AnaJet University. These training videos are available in the Video Lessons page.

EKPrint Studio
AnaJet engineers have tested print settings for both the AnaJet SPRINT and AnaJet FP-125 to find the perfect setting that uses the least amount of ink possible without degrading the quality of the graphic. After this extensive testing, we have found the ideal settings for white ink printing, which will reduce users' white ink usage at an average of 45%. These settings will now become default in your EKPrint Studio program when you install the update. To stay on top of these updates, navigate here.

Latest Firmware
mPower v.3.8.3
SPRINT v.5.8
FP-125 v.5.4j

To check your firmware, just hit the down arrow on the control panel of the printer.

Please contact our customer care team if you have any questions about your printer, or to request technical support. For international tech support, please contact your distributor located HERE.

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