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AnaJet Printer Video Lesson Page

These video lessons are no substitution for actual in-person training at AnaJet University or at Distributor sites. These videos are still in a developmental stage and are not complete lessons for the subjects. These video files are posted as complementary training to AnaJet University. Please click the link below for support or call us at 877.626.2538 to sign up for AnaJet University training.

Please contact our customer care team if you have any questions about your printer, or to request technical support.

AnaJet mPower Operations Training Video

•    AnaJet University Online
•    Light garment printing (13:21 min.)
•    Dark garment printing and pretreatment (13:21 min.)
•    Maintenance Routine (16:02 min.)

AnaJet mPower Technical Videos

•    Rip Software Installation (0:51 min.)
•    Taking the printer out of the box and leveling (2:22 min.)
•    Printer environment (0:57 min.)
•    How to navigate the jobs menu (1:59 min.)
•    Rip settings for dark garments (7:04 min.)
•    Rip settings for light garments (4:54 min.)
•    How to apply pretreatment (1:39 min.)
•    Dark garment printing and curing (5:03 min.)
•    Light garment printing and curing (4:02 min.)
•    Removing the wiper blade (1:05 min.)
•    Daily maintenance - Nozzle check (1:11 min.)
•    Weekly maintenance - Cleaning the maintenance station (4:36 min.)
•    Monthly maintenance - Drip pan foam and draining ink tank (2:52 min.)

AnaJet mPower Hat Platen Video

•    Hat Platen usage for mPower (4:22 min.)

AnaJet SPRINT Operations Training Video

•    Chapter 1: Starting Up A New Printer 
•    Chapter 2: Basic Printer Operations 
•    Chapter 3: Printing On Light Color Garments
•    Chapter 4: Printing On Dark Color Garments 
•    Chapter 5: Pretreatment 

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Videos

•    Daily and Monthly Maintenance of your Printer (6:22 min)
•    Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset Procedure (5:15 min)
•    Damper Replacement Procedure (4:47 min)
•    Pretreatment Tutorial