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AnaJet Advantage

Our Direct to Garment printers bring together AnaJet innovations with world-class Ricoh engineering and manufacturing, delivering blazing-quick print speeds, industrial reliability and showroom quality prints.


Technology Advantages

Good Ink Flow, Less Banding & Lower Maintenance
AnaJet garment printers have better ink flow and lower maintenance than other printers. Less maintenance and less banding mean more uptime for revenue-generating production. Combine them with industry-best training and support, and you have an unbeatable choice.

AnaJets Acclaimed Closed-Loop Ink Delivery System for Garment Printing
Garment printing poses more challenges than other inkjet print applications. AnaJets patented Closed-Loop Ink Delivery System, bulk ink cartridges, automated and push-button maintenance, and superior RIP software are the keys to good ink flow, lower maintenance and higher productivity.

Ink Cartridge System
AnaJets ink cartridge system is more than just a convenient way to replenish ink; it is an essential requirement for good ink flow. This carefully engineered system seals inks from open air, preventing white ink clumping and air-foam formation to avoid nozzle clogging, while helping maintain the critically important pressure balance.

Full Ink Saturation = Faster Printing Speed
AnaJet printers allow total control of ink flow volume based on the textile material used: a lower volume setting for polyesters and woven fabrics, a higher volume for knitted tees, and still a higher ink volume for sweat shirts. The ink flow settings allow you to select optimal ink volume every time. Using the correct volume ink flow means prints can have full ink saturation from a single pass, which means a faster printing speed for a higher production rate.

Light & Dark Garments
With AnaJet, you can print on both light and dark garments using the same printer with ease. All AnaJet printers have white ink capability without requiring permanent modifications.

Easy and Flexible Garment Loading
Garments are easy to load and unload. With the provided hooped table, it is easy to print on loose garments. The optional Youth Size and Long Print Tables make loading a variety of garments a snap.

Vibrant Textile Inks
AnaJet digital textile inks are the most vibrant inks in the textile industry. The durability of PowerBright white Ink is what makes printed black shirts from the mPower last longer, wash after wash. White or light shirt prints using CMYK inks easily match or surpass the durability of screen printed shirts.


Operational Advantage

Designed, Assembled, Sold, Supported in the USA
AnaJet printers are engineered, manufactured and supported in the USA, with globally sourced components. Our first-class technical support and customer service is based out of our Tustin, California headquarters, and premier trained international distributors support customers around the world.


Service & Support Advantages

In-Person and Online Training
AnaJet has always dedicated itself to end user and technical training. Since our founding, we have offered AnaJet University, a full day of hands-on training, to all USA owners. We have also developed a curriculum that spans routine operation and maintenance, advanced decorating applications and technical training, always led by a certified AnaJet instructor. We also recorded a version of AnaJet University that covers the basics in two hours and is available for anyone to view online here.

Live Technical Support
Live phone support based out of our Tustin, California headquarters is available to US-based AnaJet customers that purchased direct from AnaJet. Our certified technicians are available for troubleshooting Monday through Friday, and we have technicians who are fluent in English and Spanish.