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Anajet University

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AnaJet University is not a replacement for in-person training, however, it is collection of online resources that you can access anytime to supplement your training. Learn how to operate your printer, edit and optimize graphics, use platens, foils and extended media, maintain your printer and more.

What Is AnaJet University?

Watch a brief introductory video about what to expect from AnaJet University.

Help and Support

Get Help & Support on how to use and maintain your AnaJet DTG printer

Technical Documentation

Access Technical Documents (Safety, etc.) for your AnaJet DTG printer.

01 AnaJet University – Introduction

02 AnaJet University – RIP Basics and RIP for White Shirts

03 AnaJet University – RIP for Dark Shirts

04 AnaJet University – Start Up Fill Process

05 AnaJet University – Nozzle Checks and Print Head Clean Options

06 AnaJet University – Maintenance

07 AnaJet University – Printing Basics

08 AnaJet University – Basic Troubleshooting

09 AnaJet University – Pretreatment

AnaJet Tips and Tricks – Setting Up your AnaJet Printer

AnaRip 4.0 Tutorial

Getting Technical: the Ins & Outs of Operating a DTG Printer

Unboxing the AnaJet Printer – What’s Inside the Box

AnaJet Pretreatment Tutorial

Heat Press Settings

Foil Application Tutorial for your AnaJet DTG printer

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Maintenance for your AnaJet DTG Printer

Setting Up Your Environment for Your AnaJet DTG Printer

Printing on Leggings and Hoodies with your AnaJet DTG Printer

Advanced Printing Techniques on AnaJet

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