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AnaRIP Revision History – mPower

AnaRIP Revision History

V3.0 to V4.0

  • AnaRIP now dynamically supports MP5 and MP10 in one program. AnaRIP can detect which printer model is connected to the printer and RIP jobs going to that printer in the correct format. Note, files ripped for MP10 are still not compatible with MP5 and vice versa.
  • Added multiple USB connected printer support.New white highlight feature. Prints white ink on areas of pure white during the color layer print.
  • New color management system.
  • Multiple ICC profiles and linearization curves (jointly referred to as an inkset) can now be stored in AnaRIP and used.PowerBright and PowerBrightPlus ink sets are both included. User has option to add additional Ink sets consisting of user made ICC profiles and linearization curves.
  • Rendering intent for RGB graphics can now be selected.
  • Transparency of CMYK files are now recognized as transparency.
  • Added 5 second time-out on AutoRIP jobs – if an AutoRIP job is not progressing in the queue for more than 5 seconds, it will be canceled.
  • Improved detection of printer changes in Printer Management screen.
  • Added support for extended ink cartridges for ink cost calculation.
  • Changed default View to TrueView.
  • Changed default under base color sliders to settings that should improve default under base print results.
  • Improved RIP processing speed of jobs where under base choke is used.
  • Improved Superfine print quality for MP5 printers.
  • Numerous stability improvements.

V2.6 to V3.0

  • New AutoRIP “hot folder” feature
  • New ICC Profile, linearization curves, and half-toning for increased color saturation and smoother gradients
  • Ethernet connected and multiple printer support
  • New Clear All completed button to quickly empty Completed Jobs queue
  • New User settable Completed Jobs cap to limit maximum number of completed jobs stored
  • Numerous stability improvements and bug fixes

V2.5 to V2.6

  • Added option to turn off color profiles. This allows for graphics (CMYK graphics only) to print with no output profile applied. This is useful for creating custom profiles. This is also useful for printing pure channel colors.

V2.4.1 to V2.5

  • New Super Fine print mode for Color layer. At the cost of slower print speed, Super Fine mode reduces the effects of banding when printing with less than optimal nozzle checks.
  • Slight increase in accuracy of cost estimation for ink usage.
  • Fixed bug where graphics at certain rescaled sizes would have a black outline appear in the print.

V2.4 to V2.4.1

  • Fixed bug where Fine Quality mode for color layer still put out too much ink.
  • Fixed inaccurate ink usage calculation for under base Fine Quality Mode.
  • Fixed on screen preview bug where for some graphics, in TrueView the color and white layer did not align properly.
  • Added “MP5” or “MP10” to Title bar.

V2.0 to V2.4

  • Fixed grainy appearance of prints (MP5 Only)
  • Reduced sensitivity of under base choke. Each choke step now only reduces 1/4th as much of the under base compared to the previous version choke steps
  • New Pocket Platen sizes for easier printing with left and right pocket drop adapters
  • New ICC Profile for better color accuracy of prints
  • New ICC Preview feature for onscreen preview of what prints will really look like
  • Added Legacy color mode for printing with previous version ICC profile if desired
  • New Fine Quality mode for color layer. It now outputs same amount of ink as Normal Quality mode
  • Renamed Quality Modes: Speed is now Draft and Normal is now Speed
  • Default color layer Quality Mode is now changed to Fine

V1.3 to V2.0

  • Fixed inaccurate ink usage calculation for Fine Mode printing.
  • Fixed/Reduced the Contrast slider (Under Color Adjustment Tab) to only the functional values.
  • Fixed bug where when the graphic is rotated and placed in lower half of print area, part of the graphic gets clipped off.
  • Renamed Dot Size options with Variable Dot Range options. (Actual function itself is not changed, just renamed to more accurately describe the function)
  • Changed Under base Quality default to Fine
  • Added Print and Print to File options (and shortcut keys) to File menu. This allows the RIP to still be fully function when being used on monitors with low vertical resolution where the Print buttons get cut off.
  • Added Youth and Sleeve platen size options.
  • Added ability to independently control Bi-directional and Uni-directional between color and under base layers.
  • Added option to print just Under base layer.
  • Added Ink Cost Calculation of each ripped graphic. User must first input the cost of ink within the Preferences Tab. Total ink cost of print job is shown in the Completed Jobs section of the RIP Queue. Detailed Breakdown of ink usage is available by right clicking on the completed job and choosing Show ink costs.
  • Added new TrueView preview mode which accurately simulates what the print would look like taking into account the background color and white under base used.
  • Added ability to show multiple previews at once. This includes any combination of Color, under base, and TrueView as well as all three at once.
  • Added ability to adjust the amount of white ink used in the under base of any color channel. Sliders for adjustment are located in the under base tab.
  • Added ability to adjust amount of white ink used for non content based under base. This adjustment also works on areas of 100% white in a content based under base.

V1.2 to V1.3

  • Fixed Rotate and resize
  • Fixed image placed off of preview screen bug
  • Improved support for Foreign language Windows

V1.0 to V1.2

  • Added support for foreign characters in input filenames and paths.
  • Added file association to .ajd and .ajt files.
  • Fixed bug where some graphics when reduced in size may occasionally print a black line above it.

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