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Daily maintenance

Using the AnaJet 3000 or AnaJet 6000 Control Panel, print a Nozzle Check daily (see chapter 2: section 7). Perform Print Head cleans as needed. Usually one or two Print Head Cleans will clear the nozzles and achieve a good Nozzle Check Pattern. Generally each of the ink channels must have 90% or better Nozzle Check Patterns to achieve acceptable print quality. Wipe the wiper blade clean at the beginning of the day. See section 3 Cleaning Maintenance Station and Nozzle Plate. Remove the 2 white ink cartridges and shake them a few times gently to keep the pigment in solution. Replace them in the same ink bays. If you do not use white ink often or use the white ink heavily, it may be necessary to do the weekly maintenance on a daily basis or more frequently than once or twice a week.

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